OSO is a company from a small team of gay friends from around the world. It started as a project to merge fashion, bears and geek art into distinctive pieces of clothing with quality craftmanship.

Bears and geek art aren’t things you would quickly associate with the world of fashion, so changing this was our main drive, we wanted to stand up for something. But we couldn’t possibly stop there. After the initial set up was done, we realized this alone wasn’t enough, if we were to stand for a bit of inclusion for bears and geeks, we could just as easily go for a wider purpose.

This lead to our second photo session, which took part in South America with a great cast of friends from Chile, Argentina, Brasil and Venezuela. We still have much to release from this session, you’ll see us open up and talk about the many virtues and issues that make the bear and LGBT+ community.

In parallel, new Super Smash Bears began and continue to pop up every month, this time with the full roster of characters and a core message of acceptance and diversity. You can support the artist at his Patreon page.

We want to lead by example; we have many plans for the future and we need your input to make the most of them, that’s why we’re always eager to listen to what you have to say. Because that’s how you build a community up, by being there for each other.