Woah buddy - forget her - can we be your princess? Our Super Smash Bear Bowser is smokin’ hot in this handmade, all-over sublimated tee that shows he is more than his spiky exterior - that he’s soft where it counts - in the middle. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, at least you know how to cut and run. Over a bridge, preferably.

Sizes S up to 3XL available now.

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Our Super Smash Bears line features:

  • Original design - a pattern designed with thiccness in mind, featuring extra shoulder room, and a longer tail.

  • Precision work - each panel is printed first and matched carefully during construction - no unsightly creases or white spots here.

  • Ethical sourcing - hand-made locally in Los Angeles.

  • Bold, never-fade color - substrate sublimation on a soft-touch poly spandex blend that resists fading, wear, and shrinking.

  • Premium trim - featuring hand-dyed rayon collars, a material derived from bamboo that is naturally cooling and stunningly soft.